Bringing out the best of your air conditioning systems

The customer has invested a significant sum of money in airconditioning and expects to enjoy trouble-free use of it at all times. As with all equipment, lack of proper servicing will frustrate this expectation..

After-sales service is an essential element in our business. We offer such services at all times to our customers.

Our range of air-con servicing includes

  • Normal servicing
  • Comprehensive servicing
  • Repairs
  • Advisory

Normal Servicing


This encompasses

  • Cleaning of air filters
  • Cleaning of fan coil (indoor) units
  • Flushing of condensate pipes
  • Checking performance (supply airflow & temperature, remote controller functioning)


In the event of equipment malfunction, our staff can provide an assessment of the faults and suggest the course of remedy together with the associated costs. This is done without any obligation on the part of the customer.

The scope of repair works is:

  • Replacement of compressor, including warrantee claim, if applicable
  • Repair or replacement of fan coil (indoor) unit
  • Replacement of remote controllers
  • Replacement of chilled-water fan coil units
  • Replacement of bearings for chilled-water system
  • Electrical rectification (equipment and cabling)

Comprehensive Servicing

In addition to the normal servicing scope, the comprehensive components include

  • Chemical cleaning of fan coil (indoor) units
  • Chemical flushing of condensate pipes
  • Refrigerant pressure testing and gas top-up
  • Current ampere toggling to determine proper compressor function

To enjoy optimum use of an airconditioning system, scheduled servicing is highly recommended instead of ad hoc ones. Depending on the degree of use of the airconditioning system and the operating environment, a servicing package can be designed to meet each customer’s needs and budget. A typical servicing package could be a series of normal servicing with an annual comprehensive one.

Discuss with our staff on your requirements and we shall be most happy to make a suitable suggestion.



We provide free advisory service to customers, which may be:

  • Assessment of airconditioning system requirements, including cooling capacity calculations
  • Supplementary requirements where existing equipment systems are insufficient to the customer’s cooling needs
  • System / equipment malfunction
  • Condensation problems on grille surfaces

WISMA's Anti-condensation technology prevents condensation