Mechanical Ventilation

Scope Available :

  • Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of equipment/ system
  • Duct work (Flexible/ rigid)
  • Fan repair/ refurbishing, including balancing and certification

A full line of mechanical fans is available for exhaust or fresh-air supply. Some of these are


Wall mount

Ceiling Cassette


Repairs/ Refurbishing


The scope of works offered includes:

  • Dismantling
  • Repair/ Replacement
  • Balancing
  • Certification
  • Re-installing
  • Testing and commissioning

This service is particularly useful to a site where total replacement of the fan is problematic by reasons of either the particular model in use is no longer available or the specifications (fan type, performance, dimensions, etc) cannot be duplicated in a new replacement fan. The service scope is available for the:

  • General servicing of fans
  • Replacement of fan motors
  • Replacement of worn-out or damaged
    • Fan blades/ Impellers
    • Casings/ Supports
    • Shafts

WISMA's Anti-condensation technology prevents condensation