Brand Choice

A wide range of brands, systems and configurations is available for selection. Each brand or system has its features to cater to the specific needs of customers.







System Choice

Single-split standalone equipment

with choice of wall-mount, ceiling cassette, ceiling ducted, ceiling suspended and floor-standing fan coil units (refer to “Fan coil unit choice” below for graphics). A range of cooling capacities is available.

Wall-mount split systems

Ideal for average homes and small offices.

Fan coil unit cooling capacities can be configured to cater to rooms of different sizes.

There is a further choice of either standard systems or the inerter type. Inverter systems are of the soft-start type; its capability of modulating the supply current characteristics (voltage and frequency) enables the compressor to deliver refrigerant according to cooling demands without the need for frequent start-stop process associated with standard systems. Hence, the pre-set desired temperature has a lower +/- value to result in a more pleasant ambience, without the feel of “too warm” and “too cold” situation.

Larger systems

For larger homes/apartments and offices/industries

These can be sub-divided into

  • Enhanced multi-splits
  • VRV / VRF systems

As the condensing units are larger in capacities, various combinations of fan coil units are available to included wall-mount, ceiling cassette, ceiling ducted, ceiling suspended and floor-standing type.

Fan coil unit choice

Whatever your needs may be, discuss with our sales people.

WISMA's Anti-condensation technology prevents condensation