WISMA's Anti-condensation technology prevents condensation

Introducing Our Company

Established since 1990, WISMA’s core business has been in the air conditioning field
together with its corollary electrical engineering aspects.

Air conditioning technology and equipment have evolved through this period, from the simple window units to the single-split, multi-split

Why Us?

Our track record is a testimony to our professionalism, with references available to potential

  • A full range of air conditioning systems for the average household needs
  • Chilled-water fan coil units
  • Mechanical ventilation for exhaust or fresh air supply
  • Repairs to air conditioning and mechanical ventilation equipment

We turn Dreams

into Reality

At Wisma, each job, whether small or large, expects a full commitment from us and we always establish a dialogue with the customer to fully understand his needs and execute accordingly.

Our Products


A wide range of brands, systems and configurations is available for selection. Each brand or system has its features to cater to the specific needs of customers.


This service is particularly useful to a site where total replacement of the fan is problematic by reasons of either the particular model in use is no longer available or the specifications


The above illustrates a problem associated with condensation. It occurs in homes, restaurants,hotel lobbies, lift lobbies, corridors and elsewhere where supply air grilles

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I’ve been happy with the services provided by Construction LLC. Scooter Libby has been wonderful! He has returned my calls quickly, and he answered all my questions.

Choose us for our background in general contracting services.

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